1. Start Windows Live Mail, click on the Accounts tab and then the Email button.

 2. Enter the email address you wish to add, the email address password and a preferred display name.Check the Manually configure server settings option.

Once these details have been entered click on the Next button.

Please note: You can now choose between using POP3 or IMAP. To find out more about these protocols check out this FAQ.

3. Choose either POP or IMAP from the drop down box.You will now need to enter imap.domain-name.com or pop.domain-name-com as the server address

The port should be set to 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP3.

The port should be set to 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3 (Secure connectivity).

Check the option Requires a secure connection (SSL). If using the above ports.

Leave the Authenticate using option as Clear text.

Finally enter the log-on username which is the email address you are adding.

4. Enter smtp.123.com OR smtp.<domain-name>.com as the outgoing server address and set the port to 587.Check both the Requires a secure connection (SSL) and Requires authentication options.

Once all these details have been entered click on the Next button.

5. Your account has been added and you can click on the Finish button.

6. That’s it, your now ready to start sending and receiving email straight away.

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