Free Email Service needs to be activated before you can manage it.

  1. Proceed to Manage Mail Hosting. Learn How
  2. Click on Create Email Accounts.
  3. Provide the following information and click Create Email Accounts:
    Name: Provide a First Name and Last Name for the User.
    Desired Email Address: Provide an email address you wish to assign to this user Example: For John, you may set the email address as
    Password: Provide desired password, this is optional, you can leave it blank and let the system generate.
    Alternate Email Address: Provide an alternate email address, where the system can send important communication, such as Password reminders.
    Language of User: This will be the language used by the system for all communications with the user.
    Country of User: Choose the geographical location of this user.

    Once the account is created, a success page will be displayed. This page will provide details of the account that you have added, including a password that is generated for the user and server details for configuring the account in a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.. This information will also be automatically emailed to the Alternate Email Address you have provided.
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